Now open to tech teams from all around the world!

Hatch Israel

Experience the strengths of Israel's innovation industry & lifestyle

Using the Hatchery’s resources, knowledge and connections to Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem we aim to enable new & successful hi-tech connections and collaborations.


Hatch-Israel hosts in Israel tech teams from all over the world for long periods of time (from 3-4 weeks up to 3-4 months!).  During their stay, the teams work alongside Israeli teams and companies, meet Israeli mentors and investors, and tour all across Israel with the aim of creating strong strategic partnerships here in Israel.

Full board for long periods of time 

Accommodation, in-house workshops, office spaces, meals, laundry services, Pool, Gym and more...

Get to really know Israeli innovators by working for a considerable amount of time alongside Israeli startup teams that work and reside at the Kibbutz. 

Join a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Kibbutz lifestyle - an original sharing economy community.

Kibbutz Revivim is a highly entrepreneurial community that has succeeded to maintain the shared economy and shared community way of life while still growing and developing all the time and maintaining its edge by leading technological and business innovations. 

Co-working alongside Israeli teams

Get a chance to really look into the Israeli innovator's mind.

See how he acts and learn from his way of operation. 
Get remarkable new insights and fresh point of views of the Israeli mentality. 


We can all learn from each other, and bringing together a few different points of view will benefit all sides: We'll all learn new ways of thinking, ways of acting and solving problems, dealing with hardships and more. 

Hands-on mentoring and consulting By a wide range of Israel's best experts: Investors, Entrepreneurs,  Techies, Lawyers, Marketers, UI/UX specialists

Tours across Israel

meeting it’s Hi-Tech ecosystem’s finest: 
Leaders, VCs, successful entrepreneurs and more

Lectures, talks and workshops

With mentors & CEOs from large and leading Israeli companies

The program includes participation in meetups, hackathons, one-on-one sessions with leaders and innovators of all sorts. We make a lot of efforts to match our groups with leading figures in their fields of interest.


Israel is a leading innovator in Agri-tech, Cyber, Robotics, Web& mobile technologies and innovative ideas, Shared community, Automotive, medical and educations, and much much more.

We find innovation across all geographical regions of Israel. Come explore with us and be amazed to discover teams who lead ingenious work at surprising locations: From the Golan Heights, through Jerusalem and Be'er-Sheva, and even next to the Sandy beaches of Eliat (down south at the corner of the desert). 


Get the Israeli most innovative experience

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