People need peace of mind
to be productive & creative. 


If you need to work at another job other than your Start-up, it means your venture is not getting your 100% focus it needs.


If you need to drive 2 hours a day and get aggravated in traffic almost each day, than your venture is being held back and costing everybody hundreds of dollars a month.


When you constantly worry about paying rent, doing laundry and dishes, and think twice about having a falafel (not to mention an occasion beer or two or even coffee with friends), there is no way that your startup is being run at the highest creativity and productivity it should. 

Productivity and creativity need peace of mind. You need time to be on your side.  At the MADGERA we are on your side. We take your headache and make it our headache - we give you time.

Valuable time.

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