Of course you think you have an idea that will conquer the world. This could well be true. Even so, if you've been accepted to the Hatchery you have already been filtered out from hundreds of other promotors. But it's possible that we saw the potential in a small kernel at the heart of your idea, or we were simply impressed by you the promotor, and we believe you are made from the stuff that we  would want to be conquered by (together with the rest of the world). In anycase, now is the time for your idea to be examined in depth:


  • We have to burrow into the business plan

  • Examine in detail the technological plans and design

  • Take the concept apart and put it together again (You like to play Lego don't you?)

  • Think out of the box and go into all sorts of different shapes

  • Listen to lectures from entrepreneurs who have succeeded and those who haven’t.

  • Have consultations with various people involved in your field (mentors and investors).






By now we have seen that you came up with a fine idea and we've even built it up into something outstanding! Well that's great and we're in seventh heaven,  but, now you need to handle all sorts of boring things:


  • The techie has to cope with all the technological challenges and to take down any “Red Flags” in the event they have been found during the concept month.

  • At this stage we will aquittance you with many technology mentors for the purpose of work and consultation.

  • The product has now to be designed at the UI/UX level - you will have a studio with designers and experts in user experience at your disposal and they will work with you as part of the team.               

  • The CEO has to learn how to handle all the legal aspects, accounting procedures, bureaucracy and yet more bureaucracy.






At this stage the idea should be properly formulated and its development running forward.

We will quietly proceed with the process of tech development and biz development.






At this stage the product should be almost finished and ready to be shown to the world.

We will now start to

  • Work up a presentation

  • Brush up on the executive summary

  • Work on a marketing plan.


Going on a “Road Show”:
We arrange meetings with companies that should find your product of interest and 'mark' potential investors.  

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